Spring 2020

Spring has sprung! Wherever you are in Canada, the TCOG team hopes you are able to find a bit of relief as you breathe in the fresh spring air, enjoy the chirping birds, see the earthworms as you work the soil, and benefit from longer and warmer days.

Table of Contents

  • Green Roofs and Roof Gardens: The Sky’s the Limit for Organic Growing
    By Elizabeth James
  • The Living Soil: No-Till Farming in Quebec
    By Jocelyn Michon
  • Korean Natural Farming: The Potential Solution to Country-Wide Pollution
    By Amanda Williams
  • And Many More…

Summer 2019

We've pulled together some great articles and resources to get you through an afternoon or two of reading. Whether you're pulling weeds, watching large fields grow, tending to livestock or just an interested organic consumer, there's something for you in this issue!

Table of Contents

  • A Conversation with Three Small Canadian Seed Companies
    By Julia Dimakos
  • Sage Wisdom in a Winnipeg Garden Centre
    By Julienne Issacs
  • Raising Dexter Cattle in PEI
    By Kathy Birt
  • And Many More…

Spring 2019

This issue focuses on organic gardening! We’ve pulled together some great resources to help you garden organically, whether you have a market garden, a backyard garden, or a few containers on your urban balcony. Excerpts from COG’s The Organic Backyard, edited by TCOG’s new editor Sarah Chisholm Ryder, offer information about soil health, crop rotation, companion planting, and succession planting.

Table of Contents

  • Soil, Soil, Soil! The Foundation of the Organic Garden.
    By Cathy Hansen, Emily Hansen, Theresa Schumilas, Heather Lekx, Krista Long, & Sarah Chisholm Ryder
  • Crop Rotation: The Organic Gardening Secret
    By Cathy Hansen, Emily Hansen, Theresa Schumilas, Heather Lekx, Krista Long, & Sarah Chisholm Ryder
  • A Brief Glance at Companion Planting
    By Cathy Hansen, Emily Hansen, Theresa Schumilas, Heather Lekx, Krista Long, & Sarah Chisholm Ryder
  • And Many More…

Fall/Winter 2018

A new term is creeping into agricultural lingo, in everything from the scientific literature to farm media. “Regenerative agriculture” is loosely defined as an approach to agricultural management that improves the state of natural resources, such as soil, water and biodiversity, rather than just sustaining it.

Table of Contents

Summer 2018

In these pages, we offer samples of innovative approaches, from app development to snack food development, and from satisfying demand for a niche product to financing a long-term enterprise. Special thanks to readers Pauline Halstead and Paul Ireland, who submitted their own stories of innovation, as well as to those who shared their stories and ideas on request.

Table of Contents

  • Forest Gardening: How to Design Your Farm in Nature's Image for Healthier Land, Financial Freedom and the Time to Enjoy It
    By Takota Coen
  • Cuisine Soleil: Innovators at Home
    By Sarah Jean Harrison
  • Increasing Potato Production Through Efficient Growing Practices
    By Julia Thomson
  • And Many More…

Spring 2018

We cover a lot of topics in the pages of The Canadian Organic Grower, all of which relate to the organic community in some way, but it is not often that we step back to take a hard look at ourselves and what ‘organic’ really means. In this issue of TCOG, we look back at how we got to where we are today—the principles guiding organic agriculture and the development of our current Canadian Organic Standards and Organic Products Regulation.We also examine where we are right now—how the provinces are bringing the national standards into force within their own jurisdictions and how farmers put standards into practice in their own operations. We also look ahead to where we might want to improve the organic standards—something we all ought to consider in the lead-up to the standards review beginning later this year.

Table of Contents

Fall/ Winter 2017

In this issue you'll find stories of how producers grow the organic products we eat—from wild rice in northern Manitoba to pork in Quebec; meet an individual farmer who was at the forefront of the organic farmer-chef connection in the Ottawa area; meet a Prairie farmer co-op of 60+ members that has been a leader in traceability, to assure customers about the quality of their products; find a listing of organic courses and programs offered all across the country; and more!

Summer 2017

The Summer 2017 Issue is all about the power of biology! Readers will learn about microorganisms in compost, predatory insects in blueberry fields, yeasts in beer and more - all ways in which living things help us every day!

Table of Contents

Spring 2017

In this issue, you’ll find stories of dedicated people across the country working to enhance the quality, quantity and diversity of our agricultural genetic resources. The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, a project of USC Canada, is spearheading training and networking opportunities for seed growers and savers. Taking things to the next level are farmer-breeders, who are developing their own locally adapted varieties of everything from wheat to bell peppers, with the support of The Bauta Family Initiative. Turn the pages to read their inspiring stories about seeds!

Table of Contents

  • USC Canada's Seed Security Work Comes Home: The Bauta Family Initiative for Canadian Seed Security
    By Jane Rabinowicz
  • Local Pepper Varieties Taking Shape in Ontario
    By Dianne Dowling
  • DIY Crop Varieties: Farmers Take Control of Crop Genetics through Participatory Plant Breeding
    By Michelle Carkner
  • And Many More…

TCOG Fall/Winter 2016

Fall/Winter 2016

TCOG’s Fall/Winter issue explores the intersection of farming and family. When we live and work on the land, our lifestyles and values become intimately entwined with our business plans and job descriptions. Farming is a very personal profession.

Table of Contents