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We’ve pulled together some great articles and resources to get you through an afternoon or two of reading. Whether you’re pulling weeds, watching large fields grow, tending to livestock or just an interested organic consumer, there’s something for you in this issue!

Julia Dimakos chats with three small Canadian seed companies, and shares with us their journey and motivations for producing and selling organic seeds. Julienne Issacs explores Sage Garden Greenhouses in Winnipeg to keep us abreast of their important efforts to provide transparency, in everything they source, for their customers. Kathy Birt introduces us to an excellent, docile breed of heritage cattle: Dexter.

Derek Lynch walks us through how soil carbon can help tackle climate change, and asks are economic incentives and programs helping Canadian farmers maintain and enhance soil carbon on their farms? Carly Livingstone helps us better understand the current federal review of regulations governing seeds. And finally, Julia Thomson encourages and inspires us to grow upward.

Also from Julia Thomson, we learn about some exciting new research out of the University of Saskatchewan about a much talked about berry: the haskap berry. And as usual, there are some excellent book reviews should you feel your summer reading list needs some inspiration.

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Table of Contents

  • A Conversation with Three Small Canadian Seed Companies
    By Julia Dimakos
  • Sage Wisdom in a Winnipeg Garden Centre
    By Julienne Issacs
  • Raising Dexter Cattle in PEI
    By Kathy Birt
  • How Soil Carbon Can Help Tackle Climate Change
    By Derek Lynch
  • Federal Review of Regulations Governing Seeds: What We All Need to Know
    By Carly Livingstone
  • Growing Vertically with Trellises
    By Julia Thomson
  • Research Corner: Breeding a New Berry
    By Julia Thomson
  • Book Review: Gardening with Biochar: Supercharge Your Soil with Bioactivated Charcoal by Jeff Cox
    By Sally Luce
  • Book Review: The Soil Will Save Us by Kristin Ohlson
    By Julia Dupuis
  • TCOG Photo Contest Winners!
    By Submitted by YOU, our readers!