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We’re pleased to present you with an issue focusing on The Power of Biology!

Plants and animals, obviously, provide us with the food we eat. But have you ever paused to consider all the other ways that living things help us every day? We all know that trees convert carbon dioxide to oxygen; some crops fix much-needed nitrogen in the soil; houseplants freshen the air in our homes; birds, bats and possums, among many other animals, control some of the peskier insect populations; earthworms aerate and enrich the soil and our compost heaps. Biological processes are the foundation of our lives, and the list of interactions and positive impact is endless.

In this issue you’ll find all sorts of exciting articles and ideas about the biological processes that you may never have stopped to consider.

Table of Contents

  • Special Delivery: Testing a Natural Disease Blocker Delivered by Bees
    By John Dietz
  • Organic Gardens: Planting Memories for A Future Yet To Be
    By Elizabeth James
  • Fermentation: Biology’s Gift to Beer Drinkers
    By Sarah Chisholm Ryder
  • Research Corner: Know Thy Natural Enemy
    By G. Christopher Cutler
  • Getting Something from Nothing: The Unsung Value of Field Margins
    By Mark Wonneck
  • The Onion Comes of Age: Pizza Topper, Salad Zinger and Cancer Fighter
    By Suresh Neethirajan
  • Digging into the Idea of “Support” in Community Supported Agriculture
    By Meredith Davis, John Devlin, and Nonita Yap
  • All About Biology: Soil, Compost and Carbon Sequestration
    By Janine Gibson