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We cover a lot of topics in the pages of The Canadian Organic Grower, all of which relate to the organic community in some way, but it is not often that we step back to take a hard look at ourselves and what ‘organic’ really means.

In this issue of TCOG, we look back at how we got to where we are today—the principles guiding organic agriculture and the development of our current Canadian Organic Standards and Organic Products Regulation.

We also examine where we are right now—how the provinces are bringing the national standards into force within their own jurisdictions and how farmers put standards into practice in their own operations. We also look ahead to where we might want to improve the organic standards—something we all ought to consider in the lead-up to the standards review beginning later this year.

Table of Contents

  • Canada’s Organic Coming of Age
    By Stephanie Wells
  • Four Principles of Organic Agriculture
    By Shannon Jones
  • Organic Principles Through the Years
    By Joanne Thiessen Martens
  • Creating and Maintaining Organic Standards
    By Nicole Boudreau
  • Why I Choose Certification
    By Jordan Marr
  • Putting the Organic Principles into Action
    By Kate Storey
  • The Organic Science Cluster II
    By The Organic Federation of Canada and the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada
  • Should Organic Standards Do More to Protect Natural Ecosystems?
    By Lee McFadyen
  • Biodiversity and the Organic Standards: An Inspector’s View
    By Stuart McMillan
  • Book Review: The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook
    By Rebecca Vito
  • COG Library Update
    By Nicole Chartrand
  • Opinion: Fairness in Organic Agriculture
    By Anne Macey
  • Social Standards in Food Production
    By Joanne Thiessen Martens
  • Hydroponics and Food Security
    By Joanne Thiessen Martens
  • Understanding Organic Agriculture Through a Hydroponic Discussion
    By Andrew M. Hammermeister
  • How The Organic Standards Address Inputs
    By Evan Thomsen, OMRI Senior Product Review Coordinator
  • Organic Regulations Across Canada
    By Adapted from the Organic Council of Ontario
  • Private Member’s Bill Aims to Support Ontario Organic
    By Carolyn Young
  • ‘Organic’ Now Really Means Organic: New B.C. Bill Provides Clarity for Consumers
    By Arzeena Hamir
  • Time for Our Own Organic Act?
    By Paddy Doherty

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