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This year, Canada’s organic sector will be figuring out the day-to-day implications of working with the revised Canadian Organic Standard (COS).

Farmers, handlers, and processors have until November 25, 2016, to make any adjustments needed to come into full compliance.  The spring 2016 issue (available March 8)  explains the changes, using farm profiles and perspectives of people directly affected by the changes.  Going forward, we hope this issue will be a useful educational resource  for farmers and non-farmers alike!

Included in this issue is a special centerfold spread that summarizes the “where and what” of the key revisions to the Canadian Organic Standard.

Listen to a discussion of what’s in this content rich issue, on The Ruminant Podcast (TCOG is featured in the final 15 minutes of this excellent program!)

This issue is no longer available for order. Please see any available articles hyperlinked below.

Table of Contents

  • Putting the “O” in Canada—what will the new government in Ottawa mean for organics?
    By Matthew Holmes
  • The 2016 Census of Agriculture and Canada’s organic farming
    By Statistics Canada
  • Biodegradable plastic mulches no longer allowed in Canadian organic production...What now?
    By Shannon Jones
  • Protecting crops from GE contamination
    By TCOG
  • Treated fence posts and alternatives
    By Linda Edwards
  • Microgreens: Fresh produce year-round!
    By Lisa Mumm
  • Making your own soil mix for microgreens
    By Chris Thoreau
  • Organic maple syrup: a boiling industry with precise standards
    By Jean Duval
  • The Outdoor Access Debate: Challenges for Large-scale Organic Poultry Production
    By Anne Macey
  • The Revised Canadian Organic Standard Ushers in a New Generation of Organic Dairy Farming
    By Amy Kremen
  • Production of organic waxed cheeses
    By Margaret Peters Morris
  • Cleaners and sanitizers used in organic product handling facilities
    By Johanna Mirenda
  • Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program
    By Laura Madden
  • Canadian Organic Seafood
    By Tim Rundle

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We extend our sincere thanks and congratulations to Ontario’s Emily Mann, who submitted the winning image for this issue’s cover photo contest! THANK YOU to all who participated- You sent in such amazing photographs! With your permission, we’ll post a gallery of everyone’s submissions soon.

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– Stephanie Wells and Amy Kremen, co-editors.