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TCOG’s Fall/Winter issue explores the intersection of farming and family.  When we live and work on the land, our lifestyles and values become intimately entwined with our business plans and job descriptions. Farming is a very personal profession.

Living life in such an integrated way means that our loved ones are almost invariably affected in some way by our farming decisions – and vice versa. And, like families, farms go through many stages over time.

In this issue, you’ll find stories about the unique challenges and opportunities that come with these phases – working with little ones in tow, starting a new enterprise and finding land, exploring different paths to pass the farm to future generations, and staying in the game through difficult times.

We also look at family farms of all sizes – from the solo farmer whose spouse has a different career, to a farm governed by 163 family shareholders spanning four generations, and many other examples in between.

Those we call family, biological or not, might be part of our everyday lives or they might influence us from afar. Even a really terrific book that lands in your lap at the right moment – whether shared by a friend or stumbled upon – can come to feel like a dependable family member.  In this issue, we gain insights from two recently published authors: Lisa Kivirist, author of Soil Sisters: A Toolkit for Women Farmers, and Lisa Steele, author of Gardening with Chickens: Plan and Plants for You and Your Hens.

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Table of Contents

  • Linc Farm at Southbrook: The New Family Farm
    By Sarah Jean Harrison
  • Corporate Family Farming: A New Path to Organic
    By John Dietz
  • Farming Vegetables on the Prairie
    By Lori Ann Regnier
  • BOOK REVIEW: Soil Sisters: A ToolKit for Women Farmers
    By Lisa Kivirst
  • Three Ways to Make it Work with a Non-Farming Partner
    By Katie College
  • Perennia's Nutrient Deficiency Guide
    By Perennia
  • Our Agricultural Adventure: On a Precarious, Yet Rewarding Path!
    By Mathieu Roy and Catherine Baltazar
  • Farming with Young Children
    By Anne Kirk
  • Raising Chickens with your Children
    By Lisa Steele
  • A Long-Term Family Affair: Growing Kamut and Other Grains in Saskatchewan
    By Stephanie Wells
  • Keeping it in the Family: Notes on Farm Succession from Two Organic Farm Families
    By Sarah Chisholm Ryder