Rochelle Eisen, British Columbia (President of Canadian Organic Growers): Rochelle has over 26 years of assurance (verification, certification and standards), extension and consulting experience in and outside the organic sphere. She also works in a collaborative relationship with Dr. Brenda Frick and Gunta Vitins under the banner of Resilient Solutions Consulting, “a diverse, skilled and experienced agri-business consulting team that influences positive change through an innovative and open minded approach”.

Rochelle is involved with the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Salmon Safe agriculture program, which is focused on watershed health sufficient for native salmon to spawn and thrive. She is also an active member of CFIA’s Standards Interpretation Committee, and the Preparation Working Group convener for the Canadian General Standards Board Organic Technical Committee. In addition to being the President of COG, she is a founding member of the Society for Organic Land Care.