Using native plants vs. aliens: challenging our ethics

By Astrid Muschalla I teach COG’s Organic Master Gardener course. In it, we cover the science behind organic land care, which is defined as the design, construction and maintenance of landscapes using practices and products that preserve and support the health of ecosystems and human communities[1]. Topics include: plant adaptations in ecosystems, permaculture, the soil […]

Organic pest control under Canadian Organic Standards

By Kelsey McKee, OMRI Editor’s Note: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has granted ISO 17065 accredited evaluation programs, including some Certifying Bodies (CBs) and other organizations, such as the non-profit Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), the ability to verify that production inputs meet Canada Organic Standards (COS) requirements. OMRI has partnered with The Canadian […]

How to grow organic fruit

By Steve “Tree Hustler” Leroux I have been around fruit trees for 34 years and have seen incredible things: plants producing that aren’t supposed to survive in our cold climates, and plants die that were supposed to thrive. Along the way, I’ve uncovered a few secrets I’m sharing here to help you grow good fruit […]

Organic Soybeans: a cash crop with real potential

Adapted from a 2015 Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Factsheet. By Roger Henry, Vernon Rodd and Aaron Mills   Choosing a field for organic soybeans Ideally, any field for organic soybeans should have good fertility levels, good organic matter content and no major weed issues. Compost applied the fall before is the most such a […]

This story begins with a seed

By Rebecca Ivanoff When I started full-time farming, I needed some hope. I felt frustrated with the world around me. I was dissatisfied with a system I saw devaluing personal relationships and disconnecting us from each other and nature. I was looking for change, for connection, for purpose. In 2013, when I began my CRAFT […]

Family Tree Farms Organic Turkeys

Originally from Ontario, Melanie and Shawn Jennings met in Powell River on the Sunshine Coast of southwestern British Columbia. Melanie was working at the local u-brew and Shawn was a general labourer. Five years later, they were ready to start their own organic farm. Finding ample property at an affordable price, however, meant casting an eye across the province to find […]

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

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