Remembering Patrick Conner: Organic Ambassador

By Maureen Kirkpatrick Patrick Conner was a passionate collaborator: as an advocate, actor, director, co-op member and colleague, Patrick gave freely and generously of himself. His contributions have influenced and inspired all who had the pleasure to work with him. It is no coincidence that after, or perhaps more accurately, alongside a successful career in […]

Remembering John Wilcox, Duck Creek Farm, BC

By Trent Hodges There is a great Wendell Berry poem that talks about teachers and learners. He asserts, in beautiful prose, we encounter teachers and mentors everywhere; we often just aren’t ready to accept their wisdom or are too impatient to see them. He says that these teachers come into our lives at different times […]

Feed Your Freezer

An excerpt from Wildly Affordable Organic, a book written for people who want “to eat like it matters but felt [they] couldn’t afford it.” Making good use of even a small freezer saves time and money. ‘Feed your freezer’ to even out seasonal prices and to keep the food you cook in bulk. Get good […]

SOLEFood: Farming in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside

Virginie Lavallée-Picard In Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, a new model of urban agriculture is creating employment opportunities for inner city residents, greening the streets and improving food security in the neighbourhood. SOLEFood Farm is an Enterprising Non Profit established in 2009 by United We Can (UWC). United We Can—well known for starting the first bottle refund […]

Tricks of the Trade: Household Grey Water– An Uptapped Resource

Ron Berezan “When the well is dry, we know the worth of water” Benjamin Franklin, 1746 Turn on the tap and there it is; that shimmering, miraculous substance that flows through our rivers and lakes, our soils and plants— the rain that falls and the air we breathe, and indeed through the very eyes that […]

Ground Cherries

Michelle Summer Fike Ever since I ran a vegetable CSA in the ’90s, I’ve been interested in unusual garden plants. I look for crops that are well adapted to our northern climate, produce heavily, are easy to grow and taste wonderful. I discovered several plants that add flair and discovery to our CSA boxes.  These include […]

Organic and Local: Support for Deep Organics

By Janine Gibson In 18 years as an organic inspector, all of the organic farmers and processors I’ve inspected have invested great effort to ensure their organic products meet Canadian certification standards. The producers strive to reflect the basic principles of organic agriculture as described in the foundation principles of our standard. More and more […]

Pumpkin Passion

Michelle Summer Fike I have yet to meet anyone who can resist the bright orange, plump and cheerful harbinger of autumn cheer—the pumpkin. Whether for savoury dishes, desserts, seed oil, animal feed, decoration, cosmetics or Hallow’s Eve carving, this famous and worldly cucurbit deserves space in every garden, large or small. Pumpkins were likely developed […]

The Value of Something

WHY YOUR VALUES ARE THE NEW VALUE-ADDED By Av Singh How to save the family farm? With narrowing profit margins and a more discriminating consumer dollar, the typical agricultural bureaucrat’s pat answer would be to “value-add.” Most farmers already know that sauerkraut will fetch a lot more money than cabbages; but they also know that […]

In Search of Deep Organic Distribution

In the keynote address at the recent Bring Food Home conference in Kitchener, Ontario, Joel Salatin said a successful local food system needs production, processing, marketing, accounting, distribution and patrons. Salatin believes production should be diversified. His farm includes beef cattle, pigs and poultry—a rare thing in today’s highly specialized agriculture. Food should be produced […]

Glorious Garlic

“Garlic is such an easy crop to grow,” says Corrie Melanson of SunRoot Farm in Hants County, Nova Scotia. “It has minimal pest problems, it doesn’t take much work and it stores well. It’s also convenient because planting and harvesting happen when there isn’t too much other work to do in the garden.” Growing great […]

Super Salve: Make Your Own Herbal Ointments

While there are many recipes available for home preparations of salve-from-scratch-in-an-afternoon, I believe that with a bit more time and attention, you can turn your quick salve into a ‘super’ salve. Your goal should be to make a high quality salve. As organic gardeners, farmers and consumers, we have ready access to the ingredients that […]

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

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